Disfigured Boy

Say cheese !

Sigh Star

Am I missing something ?

Tattooed Punk

Graveyard in his head ? Brain dead ?

Virgin "No Eyes" Marry

She looks like a DJ, doesn't she ?

Bad Teeth Family

Sorry for the picture quality (which is still better than the tattoo's one)


"trapped soul on my left side of my neck", this quote will suffice.

Sheri Moon Zombie from the The Devil's Rejects

The tattoo :And the original :

At least the numbers are correct

Thanks Christal for this horrible finding.


Judging by the effect of the scarification I hope that the tat beneath was utterly obnoxious.

D&D Scene

I know it's not finished (or is it?) but future of this tat is from horrible to vomit evoking. (Ps. This tat probably have nothing to do with D&D, it just has these swords, axes, dragon and shit)