Victoria Beckham Tattoo

Now Victoria Beckham reveals HEVictoria Beckham Tattooer growing cluster of tattoos, a new script inked underneath her Roman numeral tattoo.Look at me: Posh points the way to her new tattoo, seen on the inside of her wrist as she launched her denim line at Saks department store in Boston last nightA sleek-looking Victoria struck a series of poses at the meet and greet for fans, and took the

David Beckham Tattoo

David Beckham TattooDavid Beckham Has Tattoo of Naked VictoriaThe new image was designed by David`s personal tattooist Lou Malloy and is his 11th piece of body art.David Beckham has got a new tattoo - a naked picture of his wife Victoria. The soccer star's seven-inch artwork on his left arm features the Spice Girl lying on her back surrounded by stars and bearing her breasts with her knees raised

Asia Argento tattoo

Now that is one freaky angel tattoo. Asia definitely has some of the coolest set of tattoos I’ve ever seen.Asia Argento tattooAsia Argento tattoo

Ana Beatriz Barros tattoo

Ana Beatriz Barros tattooBeginning in the late 1990s the lower back tattoo became popular, especially among young women. Lower back tattoos are often oblong in shape, following the slope of the back on either side of the woman's spine. The lower back tattoo is body decoration with the intent of emphasizing sexual attractiveness. Generally, a lower back tattoo will be designed to emphasize the

Pamela Anderson tattoo

Pamela takes the number five spot because she is the proud owner of one of the most tattooed images. Everyone had a barbwire tattoo in the 90’s, and Pam was a big reason for that. Even Ben Affleck had a barbwire tattoo before he had it changed to a rose bush, haha.Pamela Anderson is having all her tattoos removed, it has been reported. The 40-year-old actress is said to think the body art will

Sun Tattoo

Sun tattoo is very popular and common that it is hard to find a distinctively unique sun design. There are many reasons why so many people choose sun symbol for tattooing. It is various according to the person’s culture, beliefs, and personal preferences.The most common reason why the sun tattoo is still very popular in the first place is that the sun symbolizes vitality and the cycle of life.

Military Tattoo

The military tattoo has a long history within the various branches of military service in the United States. Soldiers view the tattoo as a sign of commitment to their fellows and as an identifying mark. Divisions and brigades take pride in their own symbols. Every soldiers look forward to the day when they can wear that symbol and hold their head high.The longest and richest military tattoo