Great Cross Tattoos

Great Cross Tattoos Great Cross Tattoos

Great Cross Tattoos Great Cross Tattoos
The Ankh Cross Tattoo

The Ankh Cross Tattoo (or the Egyptian Cross tattoo) is shaped like the letter T, when the top part is shaped like a circle.
The Ankh Cross Tattoo was also known in ancient times as the key of life, as the loops are meant to symbolize the never ending circle of life and the knots on the cross tattoo symbolize the link between the physical and the spiritual world.
The Gothic Cross Tattoo

The Gothic Cross tattoo is a cross that comes in T-shape although it may not be specifically Christian as they often include some form of dark imagery.
In addition, the Gothic cross is usually ornamental with beveled edges to symbolizes pain and anger rather than a message of hope.

The Gothic Cross Tattoo usually result in dark, mysterious and often disturbing images, such as cross tattoos wrapped in barbed wire, or when the vertical part of the cross is transformed into a dagger and the tip of the blade is colored in blood.
The Tau Cross Tattoo

The Tau Cross Tattoo basically looks like a capital T with the two lines intersecting at the top of the vertical column.

The ancient Tau Cross Tattoo symbol has a wide over-arching connection with a number of different cultures and religions including Christianity, Paganism and Judaism.

The Tau Cross Tattoo was used to represent the Hammer of Thor, and by it’s considered the inspiration behind the Latin cross.

If you’re looking for a cross tattoo that’s full of history and a little bit different from the ordinary cross tattoo, the Tau cross tattoo might be your perfect choice!

When it comes to choosing cross tattoos designs, placing the cross tattoos has a big advantage.

As there are so many cross tattoos designs, in almost any size and shape, you can easily find the cross tattoos of your dreams.

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