Fish Tattoos

Fish  Tattoos
Fish tattoos are commonly becoming more and more popular as a design element. And one of the most popular fish tattoo designs is the Koi fish. But, what’s the symbolism and history behind this ancient Japanese animal? Let’s go over the basics. Koi are actually a form of carp and have been raised and bred in Japan for who know, probably hundred of years. If you have been to Japan you will notice they are a common feature in most traditional Japanese gardens. They have been seen in China even before they were popular in Japan. And they are a considered a symbol of perseverance or strength. That’s probably because of its determination to overcome hardships. As such it also represents courage and the ability to attain any goal set before the bearer. Fish tattoos, including the Asian carp, are also known for good fortune and good luck. Koi are so popular in Japan that they are often the center of many festivals. So, the next time your thinking of getting a fish tattoo then you might want to get a Koi design. And hopefully, this fish tattoo will be the bearer of luck and good tidings.
Fish  Tattoos
This fish tattoo is a whimsical representation of an animal that is steeped in history and symbolic meaning the world over. Let’s talk a little about it’s significance, shall we? For many of the world’s ancient cultures the fish was the symbol of water, mother, and great goddess. Early myth relates that the fish was the vulva of Isis, who, taking the form of the fish, swallowed the penis of Osiris. The fish then stood for the feminine and her reproductive powers. The Celts also used the fish symbol as representing female sexuality and birth. In Hindu culture, the fish was a marriage symbol. When a bride first enters the house of her husband, she does so with a fish in her hand. But, the fish tattoo has meanings in Asian cultures as well. Fish play an important role in many Asian cultures as entities to ward off evil spirits, or to bring harmony and prosperity into the home. The fish is the water symbol, an essential element in Chinese ‘feng shui’. The goldfish is synonymous with good fortune, while a goldfish leaping over a wave is the symbol of man’s ability to transcend. The goldfish is leaving the lower regions and ‘jumping’ to a higher ground of being. The goldfish also represents longevity, wisdom, loyalty and knowledge, and is a popular creature in Chinese mythology. A fish tattoo can not only be a beautiful or cute design, but as you can see here it’s also one that is a powerful symbol around the world.

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