New Arm Tribal Tattoos: Tattoo Designs Pictures

New Arm Tribal Tattoos: Tattoos and Tattoo PicturesKick ass tattoo in my opinion. I really like this one, its got great design and the colors match almost perfectly. Blue and Red, you can never go wrong with that combination when it comes to arm tribal tattoos. The edges seem razor sharp and the points are right on the money. Great tattoo, the only thing I would have done a little different is bring the lowest tip to the very back of the elbow. But all in all I really like this hot tattoo. I wonder if he has another one on his other arm, that would be cool if he did and it was reversed in colors.
New Arm Tribal Tattoos: Tattoos and Tattoo PicturesThat’s what I really like about arm tribal tattoos, you can reverse them, especially if the tattoos are right next to each other, and it looks amazing as hell. I have seen quite a few using this design lately with a face in the background, kind of like a watermark.
New Arm Tribal Tattoos: Tattoos and Tattoo Pictures Makes the face seem like its looking out at you from a distant fog. If you have seen any cartoons on the television lately you will notice a lot of designs just like this are being used, and the kids love it big time.

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