Tattoo Quotes - Tattoo Designs Pictures

Tattoo Quotes - Tattoo Designs Pictures  "Live Laugh Love"

What better words to live by than live, laugh and love. Life is precious and meant to be enjoyed. Life is also far too short to waste. Sure there are risks if you chose to live and approach the world with your lighter side by laughing, but it makes the journey much more memorable and rich. If you look for and embrace love and all that comes with it and you look for reasons to be happy and laugh then you are truly living life.
Tattoo Quotes - Tattoo Designs Pictures
Tattoo Quotes are becoming more and more popular. Having a tattoo that features an inspirational phrase or words that hold special meaning can make that tattoo very personal. Here are my favorite tattoo quotes.
There are many inspirational phrases to choose from when selecting one for a tattoo. But many do not work. A tattoo quote is unique in that it must be short yet still be able to convey a meaningful message. The reason is that the locations where tattoos are usually placed on people do not offer much room.

So given that tattoo words are short there are fewer quotations and uplifting messages to select from. However, if a person is careful and does their due diligence you can find just the right saying for the body art.
My Favorite Tattoo Quotes of All Time: Tattoos and Tattoo PicturesHere are a few I find to be very meaningful.

"Wake Your Dream"

Everyone has a dream, if not they should have one. Having a dream gives us something to work towards, something to hope for and provides purpose in what we do. Some people ignore their dream thinking it is not possible to achieve. That can be the worst thing to do. Everyone should pursue their dream.
My Favorite Tattoo Quotes of All Time: Tattoos and Tattoo Pictures
"For Ever Young"

This is another inspirational tattoo quote that I find very uplifting. Even as we age we can still think young. It is true the body may start to slow down as a person gets older, but that is no reason to give in to aging. Some may say that life is wasted on the youth. But I say that is only of you let it. You are truly only as old as you let yourself. This tattoo saying reminds us to stay active and think young and enjoy life-no matter what is thrown our way.

If you are considering having tattoo quotes instead of a picture for your body art, be sure to think the decision through carefully. The words you have written on your body will be there the rest of your life. Consider carefully where the placement will be located. You want to make sure the decision you make will be one you are still happy with years into the future.

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