Butterfly Flower Tattoos

Butterfly flower tattoos are the most sought after designs for feminine tattoos. Whether you incorporate the butterfly and flower in one design or decide to separate them, there are endless possibilities to make it your own and make it unique. What makes these so popular are their beauty, symbolic meaning, and infinite variety in pattern and color. You may choose to spread butterfly wings on your lower back, a small one as an ankle design, or a butterfly with flowers as a stunning tail bone tattoo.

When choosing a tattoo consider what it symbolizes, what statement you want to make and what it says about you or who you are. A butterfly tattoo means rebirth or transformation. It can also have spiritual significance as life after death. Some consider it a symbol of divine love or freedom. Flowers also have several profound and multi-layered meanings. Each type of flower possesses its own. For example, the Lotus, like the hibiscus flower, is traditionally accepted as a symbol of estranged love and the empty yearning it entails. The lily has several meanings specific to the type. A calla lily represents maiden modesty or beauty. The water lily symbolizes purity of heart. My favorite, the daisy, generally represents innocence.

I suggest doing your research. Once you know what type of design you want, consider what you want your color palette to be. Remember butterfly flower tattoos have a limitless color scheme. Take your time and look at plenty of ideas. Sampling art online can be useful at this stage. It is well worth the time and effort, since it will become part of who you are permanently. Look through online galleries to gather ideas that inspire you. Consider browsing the local artist’s photo books to get an overall view of his/her style. Once you have a specific idea, take it to a tattoo artist and let them sketch out on paper your design.

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