Hot Inner Wrist Tattoo Designs For Girls

Inner wrist tattoos are a great choice for a hot tattoo design. More and more women are choosing to get such a tattoo for a variety of reasons. If you have been thinking about getting an inner wrist tattoo here are some ideas that might help make your decision a bit easier. Although it is always important to get a tattoo design that you love and not just get it because someone said they were popular. So use the ideas below to help spark your own creative ideas.

Star Tattoos
Star tattoo are always popular for girls. You can get something like nautical star design or a cluster of shooting stars. Either way a star is a symbol of guidance and helping keep a person on track and also remembering to live life to the fullest. Thus is makes a great tattoo with a deep symbolism behind it.

Saying Tattoo
Often people have a saying be it a quote, part of a poem or something that is important and significant to them. To add a little mystery to the words you could always get them done in a foreign language or script such as Latin, Arabic or even Sanskrit.

Ribbon Tattoos
Recently ribbons have become very popular to support a cause that you believe in. Be I breast cancer or autism if you have a cause that you are passionate about one great way to support that cause or someone struggling with such a disease or issue a ribbon tattoo works perfectly on the inner wrist.

Flower Tattoos
Flowers typically are thought of as going all the way around the wrist in a bracelet tattoo design. However a small flower or even a cluster or grouping of flowers can work as an inner wrist tattoo also. For example a hibiscus flower or lotus flower can work really well on the wrist. Flowers are very symbolic and it is important to pick a flower that you are attached to or one that has a symbolic significance behind it that is important to you.

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