Personalize Your Style With Nautical Star Tattoos

Nautical Star Tattoos are a universal symbol that represents your style as an individual and have a long history of meaning behind them. It's a tattoo that you can be proud to wear and the design can be altered to suit your personal preference. The style of your tattoo can range from a number of different looks which we will discuss.

The newest trend of Nautical Star Tattoos is the conglomeration of them. Having a plethora of these tattoos placed in a stream like design can be found on many peoples' torsos side, horizontally across their lower back and some even have it done the length of their spine. This tattoo looks very classic without color but many people choose to add color, a word or a name for more personal and significant meaning.

Another style that has been showing up on the shoulder blades of rock stars and punk rockers across the nation is the Nautical Star with wings. The star is placed in the center of the back with angel wings spreading the entire length of the shoulders. It combines the meaning of guidance that comes from nautical star together with the protection that angel wings symbolize.

Those that want to have a tattoo but want something discreet and easy to cover up can choose small Nautical Star Tattoos which are best placed on the top of the foot. If not done as a solo star, it is done with a trail of different sized nautical stars or with a trail of star dust behind it to portray a shooting nautical star.

Nautical Star Tattoos were once used by gays and lesbians to identify themselves and make their sexual preference known to other gays and lesbians as a means of undercover communication. A recent version of this homosexual symbol is the rainbow nautical star. Each section is done with a different color of the rainbow and is now used as a a symbol of gay pride rather than a hidden mark.

The style of your nautical star can be as unique or as symbolic as you like. Get creative and design your own or look on the web for samples of other Nautical Star Tattoos. Your tattoo artist might have a few of his own designs that you might find interesting.

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