Foot Tattoos

Foot Tattoos are extremely popular with women today. Tattoos on the feet are fun, sexy, creative and colorful. A few years ago you never saw anyone with feet tattoos, now you see tattooed feet where ever you go. Because the space on the foot is limited most tattoos in this area are smaller, but can be very cute. Here we will share some very current and creative design ideas for foot tattoos.

It is important to know before having a foot tattoo that this will be different than any other area of your body. It will be more painful. The nerve endings are closer to the skin in this part of your body and getting a tattoo therefore will be quite uncomfortable.

Also, it will be important to take very good care of your new foot tattoo in the first 3-4 weeks following the inking. Don't soak your foot, and try to keep it from excessive exposure to the sun. Put sun screen on it frequently.

  • Stars in various shapes and designs seem to be very popular for tattoos placed on the feet. Clusters of stars in different sizes and especially shooting stars look great on a foot. Stars depending on the points will have different meanings-so you should know these first. Stars can be filled in with different color inks or they can just be an outline-both work well.
  • Small tattoos of koala bears, dolphins, koi fish, butterflies, dragon flies, birds, seahorses, lady bugs, and unicorns all make great tattoo ideas for the feet.
  • Hearts work very well as tattoos for the feet. Hearts can be drawn in various sizes. There can be just one heart, a string of hearts, two hearts {one broken and the other whole), a heart with cupids arrow through. Cupid can even accompany a heart tattoo for a more detailed design.
  • On the more fantasy and religious side, tattoos of fairies, elves, gnomes, imps, angels and devils are also popular. Depending on the statement you want to make to the world-these designs can be ornate and work great on the feet.
  • Very popular designs for flowers on the feet include daisies and cherry blossoms. Daisies can be bright, cheerful and colorful. Cherry blossoms can be ornate and delicate and look great on a foot.

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